Virtual Reality system generates interactive scenarios which superbly reflect real-life situations.

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Endless fun awaits you in VR GAGA! Enjoy playing Virtual Reality Games Online at an affordable price.

Today, Virtual Reality is a highly-advanced technology which is currently ruling the IT world. You can now watch a movie and play virtual world games in a way that you are right within it. VR has made everything more exciting and engaging than ever before. We are here to quench your thirst for playing video games.

We also offer Virtual Reality in Education purpose so that your children take more interest in their studies. We provide several VR tools to the students which enhance their creative power and among them; one is “Tilt Brush”. This is a room scale 3D painting VR app which enables you to interact with your skills.

Virtual Reality Makes You Feel…


Innovative headset to create the effect of presence

  • Virtual World games Creates a Real World
  • Virtual Reality 360 360 Degree Vision
  • Augmented Reality Augmented Reality
  • Vive VR system Play Safer
  • visual-tour Visual Tours

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VR Gaga is an exciting and striking place for gaming enthusiasts. Enjoy Car Simulation Ride, Sci-Fi, Sports, and Avatar games with Virtual Worlds.

How VR Gaga Works

Open a Doorway of New Opportunity and Experience

We want to release our customer’s stress with our adventurous yet fun-loving virtual world games. Just come to our game arcade with your friends and family to enjoy the unbeatable experience of VR games. You can book out an event, party, or even your gaming session with us in advance.

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Vive VR System

VR Gaga Game Arcade

Have you ever gone on vacation alone? No, right! VR is very similar. We want our customers to come to our VR arcade with their family and fri style="font-family: Didact Gothic;"ends so that they can enjoy the maximum fun. We provide Vive VR Systems which works phenomenal and enhance your gaming experience ten times more.

At VR Gaga, we ensure to provide a safe space to place where headsets are properly clean; floors are padded, fully protected controllers, and suspended cables. In our gaming library, we have a vast collection of games. If you do not believe us, book your session and come to visit us.




Give us a chance to host your next corporate event or birthday party in Virtual Reality. Whether you are going to celebrate a milestone, entertain your customer, a social night out of the office, or celebrate your kid’s birthday party, VR Gaga is an optimum choice. Our best-in-class VR stations provide the vast variety of VR games including car stimulation ride, Sci-Fi, Sports, and avatar games with the virtual world for people of all age.

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Car Stimulation Ride
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Stimulation Ride

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By merging the physical and digital world we provide virtual world games and virtual reality games online.

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Virtual Reality 360

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Imaginations go beyond


Get ready to experience the real world directly at your home, office, and anywhere you want. Virtual Reality 360 provides an interactive 3D dimensional environment which has become the latest trend in the IT world and enables you to explore the whole world like you really are there, both physically and mentally.


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Immerse in this beautiful world with the latest VR technology.
Create and manage your own virtual reality experience.
Use VR glasses like a pro.